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Every moment of learning is precious and a student must attend class, be on time, prepared for class, ask questions, and complete all assignments to participate in the learning process.  



 Math X

Welcome to math intervention!!!!

You have been chosen to take part in our new math program to improve your math skills.  We will use computers and an online math program called MATH SCORE that will help you in your other math classes.  You will work independently to become

BETTER AT MATH and with some one on one when needed!!!!!!!


1st    (7:45 - 8:15) 

2nd  (8:20 - 9:15) 

3rd  (9:20 - 10:15) 

4th  10:20  -  11:15



BST (Behavior Support Team)

Target Group Mentors

Students enrolled in BST will be those whose behavior severely interrupts their learning and that of their peers.  These students will receive behavior support through mentoring, counseling, behavior plans, family support, and social skills training via pull-out sessions. 

5th   (11:20 - 12:15) 

6th  (12:50 - 1:45) 




Prep 7th hour  (1:50 - 2:45) 







Classroom Rules

               * Food beverages, candy  are to be consumed at lunch.

               * Class time is for class work:

              *  Save sleeping for your time.

              *  Save personal grooming for your time.

              * Respect the people, furnishings and equipment of the class rooms.

              * Students are only out of seat, when permissiom is asked for and granted.

              * Voice levels should be suited for activity.

              *  When teacher is talking students are not.

              * Students are to come to class prepared.

              *  pencil//paper// & other needed materials

              * All other rules in the planner will be followed and enforced.






Tutoring Information

Here are some tutoring websites for math and you can also do a GOOGLE search for more.










Black History program "2009"


Black History Program "2009"


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