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What is Title I?

Title I of the No Child Left behind Act of 2001 (formerly known as ECIA, ESEA, or Chapter 1) is the largest federally funded educational program.  This program, authorized by Congress, provides supplemental funds to school districts to assist schools with the highest student's concentrations of poverty to meet school educational needs.


 Which Bridgeport-Spaulding Schools are Title I?

 Martin G. Atkins and Thomas White both qualify for school-wide Title I.


 How do schools qualify to receive Title I funds?

 Schools qualify based on demonstrating that their student population has a sufficiently high percentage of economically disadvantaged students.  In accordance with federal law, funds are allocated directly to schools to work toward their educational goals.  Funds are allocated on a per child basis.


Purpose of Title I

The Purpose of Title I is to enable high-poverty schools to offer an equitable education to less advantaged students to help them meet the state standards.  Title I funds assist schools in improving student achievement.  Funds are used to enhance the regular district instructional program, supplemental staff development, and facilitate parent involvement.  

 Support for our Title I Schools

 ·        Highly qualified Curriculum coaches

·         Parent/family events

·         Enhance technology

·         Staff development

·         After school tutoring

·         Summer school



 Each Title I school develops a parent involvement plan.  The parent involvement plan will be developed jointly with parents, and designed to meet the specific students needs of each school.  All Title I schools will develop jointly a parent student-teacher compact that states what parent, students, and the school will do together to raise student achievement.


Parent Involvement Policy

 Research indicates parental involvement increase student achievement and improves attitude.  It is essential that parent and teachers have mutual respect and understanding of each other and work toward common education goals for each student.



 Each school welcomes parents participation in academic and social activities.  On-going communication includes phone calls, progress reports, parent compacts, meetings, parent-teacher conferences, and school assemblies.  Through out the year, parents are offered training on ways to work with their child at home to raise student achievement, informational nights, and family activity nights.   Each Title I school is required to hold an annual meeting for all Title I parents and involve parents in an organized, ongoing, and timely way in the planning, review and improvement of Title I schools.

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